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Contact us with questions, comments or ideas. We are not here to judge but we are interested in just about a fetishes that involve men and men, men and women, men and transsexuals as long as everything is consensual and everyone is of legal age. Feel free to share your wildest fantasies.

The Boyz at Men's Fetish

Keeping My Men’s Fetish a Secret

Having a men’s fetish is one of those things most guys will refuse to talk about and I am one of them.  If you ask me out in the open, I am happy to answer your questions. But I am more than willing to talk about things online since I can be anonymous about who I am. I will not admit to any kind of fetish if I am asked about it face to face since I have way too much riding on it. If people in my family found out about the fetish that I enjoy, then I could lose just about everything and that would not be good for me. I know that keeping this men’s fetish secret is something that I will not be able to do for the rest of my life, but it is something that I have to work hard on every day for as long as I can. Sometimes, it really sucks have to keep this to myself. It is my hope that one day I can find others that I can talk to, but until then I will just have to keep an eye online and see what happens.

Men’s fetish

Most of the men’s fetish options that you might think about getting involved in are pretty tame compared to some of the ones that you actually have to search for. Some of these fetishes are hidden away so well that you might never hear a whisper of them and there is usually a reason why. As for me, I like the men’s fetish options that are fairly easy to find and not all that difficult to explain to people if they find out about it. The last thing I need right now is to be involved in something that I have to explain to someone, and they have no idea what I am talking about. I have had to explain basic things to people and that didn’t go over so well so I could just imagine what it would be like to try and explain some kind of weird sexual fetish when I couldn’t even explain how to turn the computer monitor on to my own mother over the phone. Just think of how that would go if I was trying to explain why my fetish involves wearing bikinis that use an anal hook and cock ring to stay in place. Yea, it wouldn’t be that easy for me to do would it?


Men’s fetish clothing

I have been looking through all of the men’s fetish clothing that I can find in the hopes of seeing something special that I can’t live without. The funny thing is that I already own a good majority of the clothing that I have been looking at already.  I have even went to some of the sites that I would normally never go to in the hopes of finding something there, but to no avail. I guess when you have been involved in this type of clothing for as long as I have been, it becomes a bit difficult to find new things to try out. I even thought about making my own men’s fetish clothing but realized that I can’t sew or even cut fabric in a straight line so it wouldn’t be very helpful. But I know there are some really good sites out there that will help me in my time of need. It will just take a little bit of tricky wording to get the results that I need but once I find that perfect combination, I will be rocking some new men’s fetish clothing that no one will actually get to see because I won’t be able to wear them in public without getting arrested.