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We are all about men showing of their bulges. Put that beauty in a bikini, thong or G-string and make us happy.

Pick a button and see the most amazing and extreme swimwear, spandex fetish wear, cock displays, bulge enhancers, penis stretchers, tights, leggings, male chastity gear and more.

Embrace Your Men’s Fetish

Having a men’s fetish is nothing new these days. Every guy out there has some kind of fetish even if they are too afraid to admit it to themselves. The funny thing is that if they were to admit that they had a fetish they would probably find five other guys within walking distance of them that had the exact same fetish. Being able to feel comfortable and share a fetish with another guy is something that will make your life much happier, but most guys are afraid to even try. They think that their men’s fetish is something to be ashamed of or that people will think there is something wrong with them because of what their fetish is. You should not have to feel that way about anything in your life. It is a part of you regardless of what others might think about it and those people that do not get it probably have a fetish that makes you feel the same way about them. Having a fetish is certainly nothing to be ashamed of and should actually be embraced.

Men’s Fetish

You may have a men’s fetish whether you realize it or not. This fetish can mean a lot of various things. For instance, it may mean, that as a man, you crave the love and attention of other men, or maybe just one man in particular. Another way this can go is that you are a man and you simply have a fetish of some sort, which means that the fetish could be any kind. It will be your personal fetish that you enjoy as a man. There are so many types of fetishes in existence that it is not easy to tie any one of them down. The fetishes can all be connected to men for their enjoyment. The point is that you can be involved in one fetish or many of them and still be “in the closet” about that fact. Your fetish is your own and, as such, you are not obligated to share them with anyone if you choose not to do so. Just settle in and enjoy your special fetish or fetishes. Otherwise, there is no reason. 

Men in Panty Hose

Stockings come in all different styles but one of the most popular are panty hose. This includes men in panty hose. The practice of wearing panty hose has been practiced for centuries. Just think back to paintings of the long ago men. Nearly all of the older paintings depicts men who have no qualms at all in wearing their hose, usually white. Today, it is nothing to see men purchasing panty hose and wearing them. You also may know or work with men who are secretly wearing panty hose under their work clothes and you never realize it. There are many guys in the world, though, who are very open about wearing their panty hose. These guys will not only admit to wearing panty hose; they will tell you all about how it feels to have these stockings encasing their legs all the way up. You just have to try it once and you will be a believer. 

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Men's Fetish is your guide to the most extreme spandex on the planet along with all sorts of cock play gear to excite and stimulate. At Men's Fetish we are proud of the bulge. We view the penis as a work of art and it should be displayed as such. If you are ready to package your penis in the hottest micro swimsuit or hot workout shorts we are ready to guide you to the perfect bulge centric designs. When we talk about bulges we are talking about all bulges. Small, medium, large or extra large we are into all men's bulges. There is nothing like a spandex penis display for to show off your equipment. They are great for sex or spandex play. Ready for a cock cage? we can show you the way. Bulge tights or leggings we have those too. We feature Koala Men's Wear  which is made in the USA (Los Angeles) by total spandex freaks

I love wearing spandex swimsuits, underwear, tights and workout wear. The feel is amazing and to be honest it gets me hard. Spandex is not only a love but a fetish for me. This is why I am sharing these links with you. There are way to many fetishes that men are into to list on this site including many I am interested in. I believe it is healthy to enjoy a good fetish. Mine happen to be spandex, cock cages and cock gear. I wear a cock ring almost everyday and often my boyfriend wants me to wear a cock cage. I know it is kinky but there is something so special about having your cock caged or wearing a tiny little bulge bikini under my suit at work. It keeps me hot all day long.

The Best Men’s Fetish

By far, the best men’s fetish is all about leather, latex, whips, and chains. When it comes to BDSM play, there are so many different things that one can use with a lover. You can be chained up, blindfolded, and gagged while the man you are with circles around you. He wields a different toy at every rotation. A different piece of flesh is stricken at every cycle. He glides around you with a whip in one hand, a feather in the other. You are never certain if you will receive a gentle and forgiving tickle, or a strike on your back. You wonder, nervously if he will gift you with firm penetration or a swift paddle to the ass. You dangle there, helplessly suspended, awaiting his next move. You sweat and bite your lip. You fill blood rushing to all ends of your body, and as your erection begins to rise, your cock is halted by the cold steel of your chastity cage. What is more tantalizing than the fusion of pleasure and pain? What is better than the surprise?


We are all about the bulge.