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Men's Fetishes

The list of men’s fetish play is long and enticing. Today we will talk about a men’s fetish that is close to my heart. One of which I enjoy doing to friends and in return enjoy having performed on me. It is called anal play and we are not talking about anal sex per say though often among men anal sex is just around the corner. Today’s anal play information is about plugs, stretchers and combo cock ring/plugs. Let’s start by getting rid of the elephant in the room, no you do not need to be gay or bisexual to enjoy anal play. Many men feel that if they are anally stimulated they must be gay which is ridiculous on the face of it. If a part of your body can be stimulated for pleasure and you enjoy that stimulation it has nothing to do with liking boys or girls it has to do with you enjoying anal stimulation. It really is that simple and straight forward. It’s possible no one ever explained it to you in those simple terms, simple truths. If this is your first time enjoying and experimenting with anal play go slow, go small and use lots of lube. Take your time and enjoy all the new pleasures you feel. There is a wide world of butt plugs, Ass Sparks and anal stretchers to be explored. Keep in mind it is not a competition and there is no need to rush. If you have a wife or a girlfriend by all means discuss what you are interested in trying and have them join in on the search for new pleasure centers.

Eunuch fetish and male chastity


Playing with the idea of being a Eunuch. There are many men that dream about having their penis removed it is referred to as a Eunuch fetish and it is more popular than you would believe. One of the newest men’s fetish craze is making your penis disappear. The look is Eunuch, but it is not permeant it is a form of male chastity. There are these new male chastity devices called micro cock cages that make the shaft literally vanish. These cages are so small that the penis is held down next to the body making the man wearing it look like his penis has been removed. When a man is wearing a cage like this, they are a Eunuch. There are even more extreme male chastity cages for men who want to look like their penis has been removed, they are called inverted male chastity devices and the most popular design is called the Munchkin Inverted cage of which there are several variations. The most insane one of all is called the Munchkin Inverted Deep Throat and is forces and keeps your shaft deep inside the body cavity. These designs are for men who are experienced in chastity though if you are working with an experienced dominatrix, she would be able to guide you in the use of wearing one of these extremely intense designs. I would say at one time or another every man has played around with the idea of not having a penis after all when is the last time you shoved your cock and balls between your legs and pretended you were a girl? Do not be ashamed after all we have all done that. 

Everyone has a Men’s Fetish of Some Kind

Having a men’s fetish may seem like a strange thing to a lot of people out there but that is only because they don’t want to admit to having one. They think that they are the only ones with any kind of fetish and therefore it needs to be kept secret because they don’t want the ridicule they think they are going to get from exposing it to the world. The funny thing is that every other guy they meet in their lives has some kind of men’s fetish as well and they feel the exact same way they do. People need to realize that having a fetish isn’t that big of a deal. Sure there are some fetishes that should probably be kept secret from the rest of the world and the guys that like those fetishes know exactly why they should be kept hidden. But everyone has a fetish of some kind and we should be able to enjoy them without feel guilty to an extent.

Loving Your Men’s Fetish

Guys all around the world have a men’s fetish that really gets them heated up in sexual encounters. It does not matter what that fetish happens to be. It can be a foot fetish, an ass fetish, leg fetish, panty fetish and many, many more things that some men need to be a part of their sexual experiences. What does matter is that the men love their special fetish. There are some guys who are really into spandex items or rubber items. These can be in any style from panties to full body suits. It just depends on what gets these men going during a sexual situation. The important thing about these fetishes is that men find partners who also enjoy the same things. Now it may not be something that the partner loves to happen all the time, and that is actually fine. As long as you both get what you want from the encounter, it will be a fetish to love.

Men’s Fetish

When it comes to kinky sex, most people opt to not discuss just what is going on in the privacy of their bedrooms. That does not mean, however, that a men’s fetish is non-existent. Actually, there are more fetishes going on that you might ever have imagined. Granted, no one is obligated to tell others about any fetishes that they may have, but it should be noted that most people who  have very active sex lives usually have fetishes. Whether it is role playing or some other type of fetish, it has been found that couples who share these fetishes are showing that they are sexually adventurous and willing to try different things. After all, couples who have been together for a long time might find that a fetish will put more spice into their sexual encounters. There is nothing like something a little, or a lot, different in the bedroom to make things so much more exciting.